Using a Fido Key for 2FA on Google

I bought a new Fido key from Yubico directly after seeing an email from Github, offering a discount for students, I decided to buy one and give it a go, shipping was quick and came after 3 days, quicker than the 7-14 specified, the key itself was $18, and after shipping and tax, came to a total of $23.28. I received the key in an envelope attached with paper glue, It’s sturdy and strong, hard and the key image in the middle seems to be connected to the board to form a circuit when pressed.   Once I retrieved the key… Continue reading Using a Fido Key for 2FA on Google

How to setup MMS on O2 pay & Go Go Go

I recently had a problem with O2’s pay and go go go sim, where I was unable to send MMS or group text people, after a couple conversations with O2 chat and some form help, I was able to finally get it working, perviously when I tried to send an MMS or Photo, I would get the message ‘MMS blocked by Carrier’. But this solution should fix it for you, as it did for me. The first issue I had was that my apn settings were wrong, here is how to fix it, your settings may vary, but essentially you… Continue reading How to setup MMS on O2 pay & Go Go Go