How pretentious.

This is my website where I host all of my things (public and private), I also occasionally write a blog post or two. I use this site mainly to post what I am hacking together or occasionally revision topics that help me to study, I also find it allows me to get better at what I come up with and presenting documentation. I find that being able to convey what you do is a useful talent and if I can make some of that public to benefit others then that’s useful too!

If you enjoyed reading some of my articles on stuff then be sure to look at other sections of my website. Having used this website to revise a lot I have become a bit popular in random sections of the internet such as an article about Corporate Social Responsibility or Influences for supply and Demand. I’ve even been cited in some scholarly research papers.

I am currently at university and revising for my exams so I’m sure you’ll see a couple articles here and there. I’m quite into hardware hacking and mapping at the moment but things can change so its best to heck out my projects page.

At the bottom of every page there’s a disqus section if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.

What is Infinityflame about?

Infinityflame is a website for all my stuff, I have diversified a bit since then. I first made the website in 2013 and I now have over 100 articles. The website no longer runs on DigitalOcean and now runs in France. The website runs on WordPress and uses Let’s Encrypt as an SSL certificate provider to keep it nice and secure. The server currently runs, Apache, Dovecot, Postfix, OpenVPN and MySQL among other things to handle my projects.
A website full of things I make and things I do and things I like. If you like what you see or found a solution that worked for you, thank me with a comment or like the post. It’ll make me feel good and it’ll help others who stumble upon the same article.
Articles are generally set for release once a month.

Why Infinityflame?

The URL was a suggestion from the registrar, that is all. It seemed like a search engine dead zone so I bought it and built this website you see today, currently, i have just over 34 articles written, which is over 10,000 words of text! Whoo…
(Update, its a lot more than 34 now!)

What are you working on now?

I aim to post content about once a month. However, I aim to increase that amount up to my exams, so watch this space, I have already posted a significant amount already, head over to the ‘Featured’ section below to see what I’ve been writing about.