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Hey, this is my website where I host all of my things, I also occasionally write a blog post or two. I use this site mainly to post revision topics and that helps me to study, I also find it allows me to get better at what I come up with and presenting documentation. I find that being able to convey what you do is a useful talent.

If you enjoy reading my articles, be sure to check out other topics that may peak your interest. Currently I am revising for my A-Levels so you will see a lot about Business and ICT, however I will still try to make interesting topics about my Raspberry Pi and such.

Be sure to leave a comment in the disqus section at the bottom of my blog posts if you have any questions, and I will do my best to answer them.


Infinityflame | Make it Work

A website full of things I make and things I do and things I like. If you like what you see or found a solution that worked for you, thank me with a comment or like the post. It’ll make me feel good and it’ll help others who stumble upon the same article.

Articles are generally set for release once a month.

The url was a suggestion from the registrar, that is all. It seemed like a search engine dead zone so I bought it and built this website you see today, currently i have just over 34 articles written, which is over 10,000 words of text! Whoo…

Did you know URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator?

Good Question, Infinityflame runs on a Digital Ocean VPS. It mainly handles this site, however I also have an Open VPN route through it to keep secure from open wifi networks. This website itself runs on WordPress, and all http requests are 301 redirected to https to keep the website secure. I am currently using SmartCom, but I am considering moving to Let’s Encrypt. The Operating system is Ubuntu and the webserver is Apache.

I aim to post content about once a month, however I aim to increase that amount up to my exams, so watch this space, I have already posted a significant amount already, head over to the ‘Featured’ section below to see what I’ve been writing about.

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