ICO Trends Dashboard Insights

I decided it was a good time to learn docker and actually make a project that uses it, so I created ICO Security Trends, a small and unique dashboard which uses the UK ICO published spreadsheets to produce graphs and insight into the data. I thought I would include some of my findings which are not immediately evident on the BI Dashboard they provide, UK ICO Incident Security Trends Categorisation on incidents described as ‘Other non-cyber incident’ has declined from 2019 to 2022. Roughly on average there are 750 incidents a quarter for ‘Other non-cyber incident[s]’, while ‘Other cyber-incidents’ remain… Continue reading ICO Trends Dashboard Insights

Capital Expenditure vs Operational Expenditure

A presentation slide with different expenses at both spectrums, heavy capital investment and operational investments.

Expenditure and Operational Expenditure are spending methodologies that focus principally if it is better to use a cloud service, on premise or a hybrid method to deliver service to users.

Turn off Hearing Yourself on Sennheiser 350BT Headphones

When I got my Sennheiser 350BT when using games like Warzone or on phone calls on Windows 11 I found I could hear myself and my surroundings played back to me. I spent a good while trying to disable it so I could no longer hear myself so I am posting it here. There are two possible problems so make sure to check both, You need to disable sidetone in the Sennheiser Smart Control App. This will probably require you to update your headphones to the latest version. You need to disable the “LE-HD 350BT Hands-Free” driver in Windows. Disabling… Continue reading Turn off Hearing Yourself on Sennheiser 350BT Headphones

Building Secure Web Applications

When working on a new web application there are some crucial aspects to your application security that all developers should follow. This applies to both a production and test environment. Just because an application is in-test or not production-ready does not excuse poor security. There are a few examples of where even ‘secure’ environments have been exploited through their test systems. Secure Development Environments Should not use real-world data and should rely on faker or placeholder data. This can be more time consuming for agile teams as the data may change over time, which is why your ORM models should… Continue reading Building Secure Web Applications

Challenges Moving Applications to the Cloud

Moving your applications to the cloud can be a polarising task. Some believe that the cloud is the future and the value add outweighs the work involved. Others believe that on premise solutions are best for users and data. Vendor Lock-in Although vendors like Azure may offer greater features or added value than traditional on-premise services, there can often be features that PaaS services offer that are not available in other solutions that can increase the total cost of ownership. Features are not the only drawbacks to cloud solutions, many cloud platforms can offer additional infrastructure or architectures that can… Continue reading Challenges Moving Applications to the Cloud

What Makes an Application Scalable?

What Does a Scalable Application Mean? Applications that are depended on by thousands of users may see peaks or dips in demand during the day and managing the cost of running the infrastructure can be challenging. Scalable applications are applications that are able to increase their resources to serve requests as they come. What types of Scaling are there? There are two basic examples of scaling for applications, Vertical Scaling, where an application’s resources are increased due to demand, such as increasing the RAM available to an application host. Vertical Scaling is also sometimes referred to as scale-up. Horizontal Scaling,… Continue reading What Makes an Application Scalable?

High Availability in SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is an extensive and complicated database host, there are many ways of keeping services online during patches or instance failure. Typically systems that can scale to maintain uptime are regarded as Highly Available. Highly Available systems are designed to be online as much as possible, often with no single points of failure. SQL Server has many availability technologies built in to achieve robust and consistent SQL Server continuity of service, Replication Log Shipping Mirroring AlwaysON Availability Groups SQL Server Big Data Clusters SQL Server Replication SQL Server Replication is best suited for site to site connections to… Continue reading High Availability in SQL Server

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What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a computer program or application that holds its users to ransom in order to access their data or applications, most ransomware encrypts user data through public-key cryptography to prevent the users from being able to circumvent the ransomware ransom. Ransomware often has a screen or ransom note displaying the required steps the user must undertake to decrypt or access their files, sometimes the ransomware may include a decrypting tool that requires a password or key for the user to decrypt their files. How did I get Ransomware? Ransomware is often installed by a user inadvertently or for large… Continue reading What is Ransomware?