High Availability in SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is an extensive and complicated database host, there are many ways of keeping services online during patches or instance failure. Typically systems that can scale to maintain uptime are regarded as Highly Available. Highly Available systems are designed to be online as much as possible, often with no single points of failure. SQL Server has many availability technologies built in to achieve robust and consistent SQL Server continuity of service, Replication Log Shipping Mirroring AlwaysON Availability Groups SQL Server Big Data Clusters SQL Server Replication SQL Server Replication is best suited for site to site connections to… Continue reading High Availability in SQL Server

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What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a computer program or application that holds its users to ransom in order to access their data or applications, most ransomware encrypts user data through public-key cryptography to prevent the users from being able to circumvent the ransomware ransom. Ransomware often has a screen or ransom note displaying the required steps the user must undertake to decrypt or access their files, sometimes the ransomware may include a decrypting tool that requires a password or key for the user to decrypt their files. How did I get Ransomware? Ransomware is often installed by a user inadvertently or for large… Continue reading What is Ransomware?

What are Advanced Persistent Threats?

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are hackers who specialise in dedicated and advanced targeting of a victim’s information technology estate and use a range of sophisticated techniques to compromise a victims infrastructure to fulfil their goal such as, Information Gathering to facilitate other physical or cyber operations. Monitoring victims assets for sale, like payment data or personal information of users. Disruption of operational services and IT to cause monetary or reputational damage. Extortion through ransomware for profit. What Makes a Hacker an Advanced Persistent Threat? Common hacking techniques exploit vulnerabilities in software that may be known or by comparison non-sophisticated in… Continue reading What are Advanced Persistent Threats?

What is a Software Supply Chain Attack?

There are essentially two types of software supply chain attack, Software Compromise to third party components of software, Watering Hole Attacks Watering Hole Attacks Software products have many facets and features that require real human capital and investment to implement. As a compromise in software development, software vendors may use code from third party libraries, plugins or even adapt existing software to reduce investment and enhance their product offering. In cases where software vendors do not produce all parts of their applications they rely on the trust and value the third party software they have incorporated in to their product… Continue reading What is a Software Supply Chain Attack?

Flashcard Club V0.0.3

Its been a good while now and Flashcard Club is well on its way to a functional product. There has been some progress on features, notably the inclusion of Google OAuth2 through Laravel Socialite. Logging in through your Google Account should greatly increase the speed of adoption for new users and improve retention and user acquisition. With that in mind, Flashcard Club has been online now for about 3 months and has yet to have a single user. I believe this is mostly due to myself not promoting the product which I will feel more comfortable doing once the site… Continue reading Flashcard Club V0.0.3

Flashcard Club February

It’s been a little while since the 25th of December when I decided to go public with this idea, a great deal of work has gone into flashcard club. Exactly 40 hours has now been dedicated to the project outside my normal 8:30-5. It’s been quite slow going in some aspects, one particular problem is the markdown library options are numerus and vary in completion and schema that make it hard to choose one that is appropriate for this project. In the end I have settled on marked. Another area I am struggling to decide on is how best to… Continue reading Flashcard Club February

I’m starting flashcard.club

Hello everyone, I’m sure there is not many of you but I had to tell someone. As of the last few days I’ve really felt the need to get involved in something that is really what I am all about. A new baby if you will, a commercial enterprise but one I own. I’ve been working full-time on Laravel projects and I want to improve my skills to really get better at it. Its a great framework after using raw PHP and template engines like handlebars. During this time I came to the realisation that I wasn’t totally stoked with… Continue reading I’m starting flashcard.club

Hull University Minecraft Map

I used geocraft to generate a Minecraft map of the University of Hull, and now I am sharing it with you. You can see a short video of the map below. The map is available as OpenStreetMap data only, or with the DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) lidar data from, (I think) 2015, so the multi-story car-park is not included for example. The original project is broken as the lidar data did not get included, but it was possible to fix it using the suggested changes by RobinWhitfield here in this issue. The original licencing for this… Continue reading Hull University Minecraft Map

What does it take to get Fiber to the Home?

Fiber optic internet is the newest form of residential cable that is run either to your local distribution cabinet or to your house. Because the maximum bandwidth that can be put down a fiber cable it enables greater speeds along greater distances thanks to its physical properties (light). A fiber optic cable can in some cases be used at 10Gbit/s but for residential its more likely 1Gbit/s or less. Many ISPs will allow you to take advantage of fiber optic but limit the speeds for a reduction in price. How Long Does it Take to Install Fiber? Fiber optic cable… Continue reading What does it take to get Fiber to the Home?

Check all API variables are included in a REST API for PHP.

I recently have been working on a weather recording project and as part of this endeavour wanted to check that all of the variables I have posted to my API were set, it can be rather a lot of work to have to specify each if (!isset($_GET[])) parameter so I decided to use a function that can take any number of arguments using a ‘variadic’ function in PHP. Now, when I want to use a new api ‘command’, I can simply do the following, This way, so long as we have specified the command and the variables required we can… Continue reading Check all API variables are included in a REST API for PHP.