The Joys of 5TB at your disposal..

I have my computer for multiple reasons, editing, video production, gameing, rendering and general use, because of that I have a very high spec computer and it’s great, but today I want to talk about the joys of excessive HDD space.

First of all, I dont have a SSD, and I dont plan on getting one, but they seem great, so I may consider it, please stop commenting on this subject, I am fully aware of the Joys of SSDs. my server has a 30GB one and it is great, but please, no more spam.

So first, whats it good for? Well currently I have 3 HDDs and they are setup with no raid, but I do have VSS running which is great, but heres a bullet pointed list.


  • Previous Versions, A vital backup tool.I have this on Alfie (My harddrive name), this is connected to the computer via USB so its slower, and therefore I use it for bvackups and archiveing stuff rather than storage.Its great!, when your computer dies, you cant help but feel a bit down hearted, but with this, you just hit F8 a bunch of times, select your date and your done, but it can take some time if your backup was a while ago, so do it regularly, or set it to an interval.
  • Windows Image Backup or File History, its like backup, but you can restore Individual files so if you deleted a folder, you can just roll it back I have used this a few times and its really saved me. I over use this to, deleted something you shouldn’t?, ‘is it in the recycle bin, no, hmm just roll back the folder, ah there it is.’ . Also on Alife.
  • Store all the things. I have Felix for this, a swifty SATA HDD, I haven’t deleted anything in a while I keep all my songs, video and Pictures on it and its great. I also keep software and Installers on there incase my software breaks.
  • RAID. I dont have this, but its worth pointing out RAID would be useful, but Id rather use all the space :).