Structuring your Harddrive

A habit worth looking into is to structure your hard-drive and here is some notes.

  • Your hard-drive root (C:) should just be folders, nothing else, and it shouldn’t have any of YOUR folders that you keep stuff in that your not sharing on a network, thats what your user folder is for.
  • Share folders on a drive root. Long names for files will eventually fill the limit and you cant store anything, so I keep all my shared folders in root in organised folders, but don’t clutter your HDD, it should be a thing of beauty, not a baron list of folders and files, just files. (To clarify, I mean you should only have folders on your C: nothing else)
  • Have a C:/Store folder and a C:/Drivers folder, C:/Store is for stuff you need but don’t want, like pesky programs that wont live in Program Files. and C:/Drivers is for all the installers for your computer from your manufacturers website.

Why go to all this trouble? Well its good practise I suppose.