Making the Kindle Fire Your Own is as Easy as adb!

The Kindle is a great kick-around tablet from Amazon that has all the stuff you need for a great tablet to throw in your bag and take around with you, for £49.99 ( $49.99) it’s well worth the price.

However, It does come with some downfalls, It’s basically covered in branding for Amazon, from Amazon Cloud Drive to Amazon Prime.

Kindle Fire 2015

Now this would be great if you were a heavy Amazon user, however I am not, and don’t want to pay extra to remove adverts for something that I have already paid for, they look ugly and quite hideous, now I know that they help subsidise the cost of the device, but I have tried and tried to get them removed through proper methods, but something is not working and preventing me from doing it, so here is how I did it manually. Disclaimer : I am not responsible for you mucking up your Kindles, and absolutely not advocating avoiding paying for the removal of the ads, they after all reduce the overall price of the device, and that is splendid.

Now, Firstly when I use the kindle, those annoying adverts are in the way, so I need to get rid of them so that I can put my own pictures on the lockscreen.

Firstly I downloaded the 15 Second adb installer however I am not sure if this is needed in the solution, I recommend it over the one that comes packaged with the SuperTool. Now that I  had downloaded and installed that. I Used RootJunkey’s 5th Jen SuperTool which worked flawlessly, as seen in the video below.


Then I wanted the kindle to use NovaLauncher, Because It’s much better IMO than the one packaged with the Kindle, I used the tool to accomplish this aswell.

2015-12-18 22.40.57