Flashcard Club V0.0.3

Its been a good while now and Flashcard Club is well on its way to a functional product. There has been some progress on features, notably the inclusion of Google OAuth2 through Laravel Socialite.

Logging in through your Google Account should greatly increase the speed of adoption for new users and improve retention and user acquisition.

With that in mind, Flashcard Club has been online now for about 3 months and has yet to have a single user. I believe this is mostly due to myself not promoting the product which I will feel more comfortable doing once the site is ready, however it is currently somewhat usable. To that I have made improvements in the homepage, mostly bringing it up to paces with a call to action and have moved the changelog to an FAQ page, which I may change later as I do not love the name.

Flashcard Club's V0.0.3 Homepage
Flashcard Club’s V0.0.3 Homepage
Flashcard Club's Login Options
Flashcard Club’s Login Options
Google OAuth2 Registration option
Google OAuth2 Registration option

Version 0.0.3

  • User Accounts
    • Users can now login and link their Google Account to Flashcard Club.
  • Landing Page
    • The Landing page has had a massive makeover and most of the content is different now.
    • The changelog has been moved to the FAQ page.
  • Test and Study Mode
    • There is now a chart to plot test performance per set.
    • Test mode now has additional functionality like gold highlight on completion of the test.
    • Test Mode now has a summary.
  • Planned Features
    • Google Sign in (Federated identity) Completed
    • Terms of service
    • Privacy Policy
    • FAQ Page Somewhat Completed
    • Markdown User Guide
    • Flashcard User Guide
    • Front page needs work Not complete but looks a lot better.
    • Cramming mode that removes cards previously marked “Correct”.

Part of Improving the site in the next round will also be improvements to the mobile aspects of the site as most users will likely be on mobile devices.

I have also been ignoring the fact there is currently no export option available to users.