The Cheap Raspberry Pi Security Camera

One of the great things about the Raspberry Pi is the community that works to create really great projects. I have setup a Raspberry Pi B looking out my windows. It faces the front door so can see anyone coming down the street and toward the door. I had a couple cheap $2 webcams lying around so I set them up looking out the windows. The total cost of the entire setup is about $10, minus the cost of the Pi itself, I also think that the Pi is a little underpowered for the task as occasionally the thing will stop… Continue reading The Cheap Raspberry Pi Security Camera

Plex and Raspberry Pi B+

The new raspberry Pi B+ is a lot faster then it’s predecessor and with that I thought I would try it at running a Plex server, the thing runs, but there are some downsides. The Raspberry is under-powered for video trans-coding, so to get around this, you have to select the optimize setting on the video and then allow them to render, which for a single film, if the Pi is under load could take a couple hours, so don’t expect to be watching the latest film instantly. The Pi gets hot, I have used heat sinks to cool it… Continue reading Plex and Raspberry Pi B+

Raspberry Pi – PHP permission File Problems Solved!

I recently installed php, but when I was unable to save files, I was very stuck, and that’s why I’m posting it here, I want to tell anyone who Googles this problem to find this solution. The problem was when I used an fopen and fsave within php, the file would always ‘die’ as in the open or die within php. The solution is below Firstly I looked for the Environment user in phpinfo() in my case it was www-data and then I simply typed this chmod 777 -R www-data /var/www that, in its simplicity is the solution, but I am… Continue reading Raspberry Pi – PHP permission File Problems Solved!