Bukkit has been given a DMCA takedown by Wesley Wolfie. what now?

Recently bukkit has been issued a DMCA takedown because of recent events and the massage below appeared on bukkit’s downloads pages.


451 Unavailable for Legal Reasons.
This content is unavailable as the direct result of a DMCA takedown request.
A copy of the notification can be found at this link.

What now?
well, we don’t know, as far as we are aware Wesley Wolfie is issuing the DMCA notice to Multiplay (who host bukkit and bukkit’s download links (reference)).

I believe that Spigot will continue to update there builds but are in the same boat as bukkit, but that it is ok for them to do so as it is not Wolfie’s Intention to stop the modding of bukkit but to protect mojang from using his code in their develpments of bukkit as he was unaware that mojang had aqquired bukkit and he was no longer working for an open source project and was now working for mojang essentially for free.

To read more, read here!

Coloring Batch Files! – within one file!

I wanted colored batch files and I managed to achieve this with someones solution which I modified and made my own, it is now quite different to his but I cannot find who it was to give them credit, anyway, here is the code!


@echo off
SETLOCAL EnableDelayedExpansion
for /F "tokens=1,2 delims=#" %%a in ('"prompt #$H#$E# & echo on & for %%b in (1) do rem"') do (
set "DEL=%%a"
title Startup Assist - Handler
call :ColorText 08 "["
call :ColorText 08 "Service"
call :ColorText 08 "]"
call :ColorText 08 " Startup Assist - HANDLER - RUNNING "
call :ColorText 08 "["
call :ColorText 0E "WARNING"
call :ColorText 08 "]"
call :ColorText 08 " Startup Assist will stop if a server startup file is not found this is because of windows MS DOS functionality, Sorry "
call :ColorText 08 "["
call :ColorText 08 "Minecraft Service"
call :ColorText 08 "]"
call :ColorText 0A " Minecraft Server "
call :ColorText 0C " Nexion"
call :ColorText 0A " Started"
start "launch.bat" "C:UsersNexionDocumentsMinecraft ServersNexionlaunch.bat"
call :ColorText 79 "This window will now await user input!"
goto :eof

echo off
findstr /v /a:%1 /R “^$” “%~2” nul
del “%~2” > nul 2>&1
goto :eof

which looks something like this


As you can tell, this is for my minecraft server 🙂 (Nexion.co.uk)

and that’s all there is to it! you can use any standard colors that you could already within batch files. (Note: When running without user, i.e. started by another process, the colors requite administrative privileges!)

edit: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7290434/how-can-i-make-a-multi-functional-batch-program