Don’t use .local as an internal TLD

Recently, I was having issues with internal DNS names, I had spent some time using the .local top level domain name (TLD). I’d been content with the .local domain name for a good while, because it worked on Windows, but I found that when using the domain names on Linux and Android it would not work in a browser. It turns out .local is used for in link-local networking. Often for something called mDNS, which I admit I don’t know a lot about. So if you have been content connecting to your internal domains using ca.local, octoprint.local, proxmox.local I have… Continue reading Don’t use .local as an internal TLD

Oversimplified Remote Desktop for Microsoft Windows

If you would like to set up windows for remote desktop or would like to use remote desktop then this is the guide for you. Microsoft Windows remote desktop requires you to have remote desktop enabled on the target machine (the machine who’s desktop you would like to use). How to Enable Remote Desktop Press the Windows Key and I (I as in India) at the same time. Click on the System Icon. On the left panel, scroll down and select “Remote Desktop”. Enable Remote Destkop by sliding the slider to enabled. How to Connect to a Computer Remotely If… Continue reading Oversimplified Remote Desktop for Microsoft Windows