“The Undeclared War” Hacking Breakdown

Channel 4’s “The Undeclared War” is a TV Show about a third-party country undermining UK democracy by disrupting UK networks through cyber-attacks. The protagonist is an intern who has a front-row seat to the ordeal and the show is set inside GCHQ. Here is a breakdown of all of the techniques used in the show. It is clear the writers took at least some inspiration from actual real-world scenarios but then bent the rules or changed some aspects to fit the narrative of the episode. The Undeclared War is an inside look at an attack on British internet infrastructure and… Continue reading “The Undeclared War” Hacking Breakdown

What are Advanced Persistent Threats?

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are hackers who specialise in dedicated and advanced targeting of a victim’s information technology estate and use a range of sophisticated techniques to compromise a victims infrastructure to fulfil their goal such as, Information Gathering to facilitate other physical or cyber operations. Monitoring victims assets for sale, like payment data or personal information of users. Disruption of operational services and IT to cause monetary or reputational damage. Extortion through ransomware for profit. What Makes a Hacker an Advanced Persistent Threat? Common hacking techniques exploit vulnerabilities in software that may be known or by comparison non-sophisticated in… Continue reading What are Advanced Persistent Threats?