The Design Mix

The Design Mix consists of three components, often arranged in a triangle, Aesthetics – How the product looks. Function – How the product performs its task. Economic Manufacture (Cost to Produce) – How much it costs to produce the product. Examples of paradigms the Design Mix, Aesthetics Maintaining a good product image that will appeal to customers is only one small portion of aesthetics, one must also consider consistency and differentiation. A product may be very aesthetic but may have shortfalls when it is used or may have a much lower profit margin than other products of lesser quality. A product like a smartphone… Continue reading The Design Mix

Garbage in Garbage Out Data

When you signup for a website. You enter your information (or data). You don’t always get it right and could miss a box or spell your own credentials wrong (garbage), this data in an ICT system is very important that it is minimised. There are numerous ways that this can be accomplished. Data must be correct In order to have an accurate IT solution, your data must be correct, otherwise users may find your solution hard to use. It is important that you minimise GIGO through thorough data validation. Garbage in Garbage Out   When you enter data into an ICT… Continue reading Garbage in Garbage Out Data