Aspects a business should consider in corporate strategy

Corporate Strategy   The way a company’s managers should manage a company should largely be down to the business plan. However there are often external factors limiting a companies business, they may choose to solely benefit shareholders, but practically and legally they must provide some benefit to their employees and their customers to remain socially responsible and have a strong positive public relationship to remain profitable. An umbrella corporation may often have to make strategic decisions to combat potential problems well in the future. In the show Silicon Valley (external) the senior venture capitalist spends a lot of his time studying… Continue reading Aspects a business should consider in corporate strategy

Factors Influencing Demand

A Demand and Supply Graph Factors Influencing Demand This article serves to supplement the article Influences for Supply and Demand, that I wrote a while ago. For a more general overview of supply and demand, I suggest visiting there first. Demand has many factors that influence a market, such as;- Changes to the prices to substitute products, such as cheaper products available online or at discount stores could reduce the sales of a premium product or product range. Changes to the availability of complementary goods or changes in the price of complementary goods, such as two large luxury opposing ice cream… Continue reading Factors Influencing Demand

What is the Role of the Entrepreneur? Advantages and Disadvantages of Corporate Think Tanks

What is an Entrepreneur? An Entrepreneur is someone who sets up a business, who is willing to take risks, in the hope of reward. An Entrepreneur may either succeed or fail at their own personal objectives, or may find that through divorce of ownership, they loose control of a business they started. Essentially an entrepreneur is someone who is willing to take risks. The type of business an entrepreneur sets up may depend on the goals that they want to achieve. Not everyone wants to make money, some people may have other goals, such as individuals who want to make people… Continue reading What is the Role of the Entrepreneur? Advantages and Disadvantages of Corporate Think Tanks

Factors Affecting Sales Forecasts

Sales Forecasts are charts and graphs, equations and educated predictions that allow businesses to predict future sales with a degree of accuracy. Consumer Trends – People being proud of bargains and discounts. sales forecasts become harder to predict when consumerism changes. Economic Variables – Recessions, Booms and Recovery. Competitors Actions – loss leaders and pricing strategy may try to undercut you. Digital Music for example, as become harder to predict as people have found new ways to obtain it illegally. Fashion Items have an unpredictable life span. Businesses use a range of forecasting tools to make forecasts No single technique is… Continue reading Factors Affecting Sales Forecasts