Anonabox – A scam?

anonabox kickstarter

A recent Kickstarter anonabox boasted to be developed over four years, aswell as being 100% open source, it was then pointed out that the original project was a semi-finalist on Hackaday Prize (source).

With reddit in uproar, and anonabox’es AMA only receiving over 370 comments, August Germar logged off without any real answer as to why he has essentially stolen the product from aliexpress.



anonabox closeup

August Germar then verified that he was using the board from aliexpress and was infact simply buying the boards and installing the software. Anonabox also was called out about his version two prototype was infact a board for openwrt.


It seems as though the anonabox, origionally a plug and play type deal was infact not so plug and play, with some of the problems being that

  • The project is not original and for $45 from an original $19 thats a huge price markup.
  • The box itself is not secure as it took less than 30 minutes to crack the root password ‘on a relatively weak box’
  • The box has logging which, when intended for plug and play is not so useful.
  • The speed of the device is less than a tenth of some home routers.
  • It seems that currently the product is nothing more than some reconfigured WT3020-V1.0
  • The kickstarter page seems to have no understanding of how Tor works.

Their 404 page was also interesting

Thank you htilonom

Raspberry Pi – PHP permission File Problems Solved!

I recently installed php, but when I was unable to save files, I was very stuck, and that’s why I’m posting it here, I want to tell anyone who Googles this problem to find this solution.


The problem was when I used an fopen and fsave within php, the file would always ‘die’ as in the open or die within php. The solution is below

Firstly I looked for the Environment user in phpinfo() in my case it was
[box type=”shadow”]www-data[/box]
and then I simply typed this
[box type=”shadow”]chmod 777 -R www-data /var/www[/box]
that, in its simplicity is the solution, but I am thankful that I have found the solution!

To create a phpinfo you need to create a file in your root and insert the following code

and save it as phpinfo.php or whatever you choose, I saved it in my root but you can save it wherever you want, then I browsed to the environments section and that gave me the necessary information for me to create the solution.

Why this works

The problem was that php did not have enough permissions to write to the folder. by giving the user www-data full permission i.e. 777 it can now read write and execute without a problem!

here is what php looks like when you do phpinfo

phpinfo() user sample on Raspberry Pi
phpinfo() user sample on Raspberry Pi

you can check a file exits and is editable with this code

Now you’ve finished you can celebrate! here is a song (this is mainly so i can test embedding :P)