Structuring your Harddrive

A habit worth looking into is to structure your hard-drive and here is some notes. Your hard-drive root (C:) should just be folders, nothing else, and it shouldn’t have any of YOUR folders that you keep stuff in that your not sharing on a network, thats what your user folder is for. Share folders on a drive root. Long names for files will eventually fill the limit and you cant store anything, so I keep all my shared folders in root in organised folders, but don’t clutter your HDD, it should be a thing of beauty, not a baron list… Continue reading Structuring your Harddrive

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The Joys of 5TB at your disposal..

I have my computer for multiple reasons, editing, video production, gameing, rendering and general use, because of that I have a very high spec computer and it’s great, but today I want to talk about the joys of excessive HDD space. First of all, I dont have a SSD, and I dont plan on getting one, but they seem great, so I may consider it, please stop commenting on this subject, I am fully aware of the Joys of SSDs. my server has a 30GB one and it is great, but please, no more spam. So first, whats it good… Continue reading The Joys of 5TB at your disposal..

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Example Bukkit Plugin

This is an example plugin I wrote, feel free to use it however you wish, for a tutorial on how to install and configure the plugin to work on a minecraft server, excludeing placeing it in your minecraft server and error checking see here Also, you can download the entire source here  

Allowing SSL/TLS for FileZilla Server

To allow SSL/TLS for FileZilla server you must open your Administration panel in your Filezilla Server and go to settings. In settings go to the SSL/TLS Settings tab, then enter your details and directory, then save.

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Adding Hosts to Godaddy

GoDaddy is a great Domain Registrar, I have GoDaddy as my Domain Registrar. When using domains and Subdomains you may want to have multiple websites on the same server, here is how to add hosts to your GoDaddy account.   First Browse to Godaddy and Login, It may be slightly different for you as I live in the UK. First Click on My Account, then Visit My Account… You should see this page, Expand Domains. On the domain you would like to Add a Host to, Click Launch. You should See this Page…. Please note some of my sensitive information has… Continue reading Adding Hosts to Godaddy

Adding Virtual Domains to Apache

Virtual Hosts are great for servers, it allows you to have multiple domains, Subdomains and Users all use the same Web Host (Server) and Is easy to configure.   First Please make sure your server is configured to use Virtual Hosts, See Here , Please note this is fundamental   Now you have your domain on a Virtual host you can now add others, But you need to add your Host to your DNS zone file from your domain regestrar, See Here     Now you are ready browse to your Apache installation folder and go to httpd-vhosts.conf [box type=”shadow”]apacheconfextrahttpd-vhosts.conf[/box]   and… Continue reading Adding Virtual Domains to Apache

How to Configure Apache to use Virtual Hosts

Using Apache is Good, but for one website is limiting its potential you can create multiple websites, domains and sub-domains with Apache, see below.     First you need to stop your server, you can do this on lunix by entering [box type=”shadow”] $ sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 stop [/box] into your terminal, this allows you to make changes to files in your server without breaking it, for windows you need to stop Apache using Xammp, see below.                                 Now Enable Mod_log_config browse here [box type=”shadow”]xamppapacheconf[/box] and in… Continue reading How to Configure Apache to use Virtual Hosts

Xampp and Apache

I recently played around with Apache and fond it incredibly educational. I used Apache for multiple websites and sub-domains, and its a great web server. and I like Xampp’s user Interface, allowing me to edit, configure and Error check my site.   Don’t get me wrong though, there are some downfalls when putting it through its paces using Owncloud I discovered that php supported was only allowing 2GB uploads, because it is 32Bit, I later discovered that Xampp is only 32Bit for Windows. This was a major disappointment for me, but I still found workarounds. Apache is great and easy to… Continue reading Xampp and Apache