Branding and Promotion in Business

  Branding and Promotion allows a business to present itself in an identifiable way to the consumer that allows them to leave a slight lasting impression of their existence that should aide repeat purchase or identification of their qualities. Types of Business Promotion Advertising – The most common way of increasing brand coverage is through advertising, because of the potential reach and scale of platforms advertising is available on it is very easy to meet the metric a business desires, this also has become more easy to segment further by having online advertising to deliver ads on a uniquely measurable and… Continue reading Branding and Promotion in Business

The Design Mix

The Design Mix consists of three components, often arranged in a triangle, Aesthetics – How the product looks. Function – How the product performs its task. Economic Manufacture (Cost to Produce) – How much it costs to produce the product. Examples of paradigms the Design Mix, Aesthetics Maintaining a good product image that will appeal to customers is only one small portion of aesthetics, one must also consider consistency and differentiation. A product may be very aesthetic but may have shortfalls when it is used or may have a much lower profit margin than other products of lesser quality. A product like a smartphone… Continue reading The Design Mix

Factors Influencing Supply

A Demand and Supply Graph Factors Influencing Supply This article serves to supplement the article Influences for Supply and Demand, that I wrote a while ago. For a more general overview of supply and demand, I suggest visiting there first. Supply has many factors that influence a market, such as;- The availability of raw materials. The time it takes to process a set, batch or quantity of stock, like aged wine or hard sweets. Disruptions to the distribution chain of competitors, such that their prices or other aspects change. Natural Disasters utility supply issues or storage issues. Advertising could increase consumer… Continue reading Factors Influencing Supply

Preventing Misuse of Data Between Tenants and Landlords

All companies must abide by the data protection act, and as such have strict rules to follow to ensure that they do not leak sensitive client or otherwise information which could be deemed insecure or negligent. For my example, we will use a property lettings company to illustrate where policy may be implemented. External Policy Implications (Data Protection Act) A company that lets, sells and rents houses will have many types of information that they will keep in their database, for example; Their landlord customers data Personal Details (Name, Bank details). Address of the property they live at. Address of… Continue reading Preventing Misuse of Data Between Tenants and Landlords