Using Government to Control Multinational Corporations

Multinational Corporations have a great influence on a lot of people, this is beneficial because it provides jobs and increases GDP, trade, and economy, however it does mean that businesses have a great deal of power, which when coupled with factors like political influence, pressure groups and the media can make a company very powerful, able to control potentially thousands of jobs and staff wages. Common Pressure Influence Pressure groups, though not always an insider in government can have a great deal of credibility in preventing the control from multinational corporations. Pressure groups may also incorporate radical action and anti-corporation… Continue reading Using Government to Control Multinational Corporations

Access Control in Daily IT Organisation Tasks

Many Businesses use IT to manage their accounts, documents and decision-making. It is, therefore important that Access Control be implemented in Organisations to prevent unwanted modification or prying eyes from being able to commit computer crimes, such as the ones outlined in the Computer Misuse Act. Using Access Control can prevent these people and operational staff from being able to modify information that otherwise is not their place to edit. Some common implementations of Access Control could be limiting the information available to a customer about Transaction Processing Systems or Management Information Systems not allowing Managers access to manufacturer prices.… Continue reading Access Control in Daily IT Organisation Tasks

Management in the Scale of Organisations

The IT of an organisation can also depend on the scale of its operations. Traditionally licences for software are based on the number of staff using the systems, even small organisations can have 50 (or more) staff members and still be classed as a small organisation. Generally, smaller organisations will have an informal structure and confined to a single site. Whereas Medium organisations may have a more formal procedure which adopts policies and organisational structure to ensure that systems are maintained and compliance is met where necessary. A large scale organisation may have IT as one of the core responsibilities of the… Continue reading Management in the Scale of Organisations

Ansoff’s Matrix in the Development of Corporate Strategy

What is the Ansoff Matrix? The Ansoff Matrix, developed by Igor Ansoff is a planning tool that can is used to help a business to determine what strategy the business uses by using the quadrants to determine how best to grow organically. ‘Existing’ categories often carry lesser risk than the ‘New’ categories as they will likely require greater capital investment for example. Market Penetration Market Penetration is the least risky option in most cases because it most likely does not require much more than the other categories, This can be used when a business would like to expand whilst minimising the risk… Continue reading Ansoff’s Matrix in the Development of Corporate Strategy