Advantages and Disadvantages of a Public Limited Company

What is a Public Limited Company? A Public Limited Company is a business that has decided to offer it’s shares on the public stock market. The Stock Market is where anyone can invest in a Public Limited Company. These are usually high value, large businesses that can have massive profits, and offer dividends to those who invest. In order to become a Public Limited Company, PLC, you need; At least two directors. A Secretary And you must float at least $50,000 shares on the stock exchange, to become a PLC. Unlike other businesses, a PLC is often owned by a… Continue reading Advantages and Disadvantages of a Public Limited Company

Understanding Different Business Types

There are many business types of organisation, these all have their advantages, so it is important to know which is better for which task, otherwise a company may find some aspects harder than they should be. The main business types are; Business Types [icon name=icon-building] A Sole Trader is a business owned by an individual, It can have many employees. Common sole traders could be corner shops or man-with-van businesses. A Partnership is a business owned by two or more people (usually up to 20), the ownership of the business is split between them. A partnership may be a small manufacturing company or some… Continue reading Understanding Different Business Types

Advantages and Disadvantages of Types of Processing data

When data is processed there are multiple methods of processing data, there are several types that all have individual Advantages and Disadvantages. Batch, Interactive and Transaction Processing Batch Processing Batch Processing is when data is processed in ‘batches’ (groups)   Advantages Batches mean that the process does not require human interaction, this allows the system to be automated and means that it can be left running for multiple sessions at a time, that could potentially last a long time, This type of process can also allow for custom processing ‘jobs’. Which means that the data can be suited to fit the needs of… Continue reading Advantages and Disadvantages of Types of Processing data

Data, Information and it’s Differences

Data itself is valueless, however when provided with context, it becomes valued, a database contains lots of raw information, and therefore it would be extremely hard to interpret anything from it, for example here is a table from a database: Yes Blue 5 100 No Without context, its information means nothing, it could mean anything. It is abstract, however when combined with some context, it becomes useful and can be useful. Andrew has completed his homework Yes Andrew’s school house color Blue Andrew’s last test score 5 Andrew’s highest test score 100 Andrew is real No Now that we have… Continue reading Data, Information and it’s Differences

Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur must have a certain set of skills in order to be successful and lead them to a more prosperous life. Some positive characteristics can be just important as some negative ones, without them they may be unbalanced and blinded by the possibility of success. Do what you enjoy It’s fundamental that you are happy with what you do or a lack of motivation can be reflected over your work. Don’t accept jobs that are too demanding as they can lead to a lack of motivation. Be motivated and enjoy what you do Without motivation and drive you are… Continue reading Characteristics of an Entrepreneur