How to ROOT your HTC

(This tutorial also details on how to install recovery onto your HTC.) FIRST BEFORE rooting your HTC you MUST MUST MUST have unlocked bootloader, If you have not done that then click here (This will factory reset your device and void your warranty) FLASHING A RECOVERY MENU (If you already have a recovery menu, skip this step) Once you have unlocked bootloader, you need to have the files from the tutorial above, these are adb.exe AdbWinApi.dll AdbWinUsbApi.dll flashtool.exe Your Root manager in a zip file. (.zip) I will be using and have placed it on the SD card of my HTC. Your chosen recovery image.… Continue reading How to ROOT your HTC

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Unlocking BOOTLOADER on HTC devices

When rooting or developing apps on your android, you may need access to the bootloader to install custom roms or recovery menus of your HTC, this is relatively simple compared to some phones, HTC comes with it’s bootloader locked, so in order to unlock it, HTC has a special and useful website, HTCDEV.COM to unlock bootloader and give you a key to unlock it. Unfortunately when unlocking bootloader, you also ‘factory’ reset your phone, so make sure to take a backup using an app, or HTC’s own backup service. Before I begin I should note that unlocking bootloader on your HTC, or… Continue reading Unlocking BOOTLOADER on HTC devices